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Want to be part of a fast growing network? Clean Holdings is expanding nationwide and internationally seeking partners to join our team by becoming a distributor. Many markets benefit from The Cleaning Station’s self-service sanitizing system.

We appreciate your interest in The Hygiene Company and The Cleaning Station.

As a growing company, our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with motivated partners. We are seeking well established distributors for a variety of markets. Distributors should exemplify a proven track record of successful sales and long term relationships with their customers.

The Cleaning Station is the only global all-in-one sanitising system that delivers wet or dry dispensing, as well as shelves to house many items; offering our distributors the benefit of a supply annuity.

Our comprehensive Resource Center provides various programs via generic and customized marketing collateral, email campaigns, flyers, photos, videos, and sales support for your company’s training and selling efforts.

Please complete the distributor application and we will promptly get back to you.

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