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Ideal for colleges, universities, daycare centers, grade schools, religious institutions, libraries, food courts, cafés meeting rooms and gymnasiums.







Spread the word, not germs – educate!

The Cleaning Station helps retain healthy schools as germs spread through the educational system like a virus.

Maintain health and practice proper hygiene by having available surface wipes for desks, computer labs, lunchrooms, student unions, libraries, coffee shops, meeting rooms, classrooms, science labs, offices, gyms, and theatres.

Education doesn’t stop at the syllabus. Teach students, faculty and visitors the importance of cleaning and hygiene. We recommend placing The Cleaning Station in strategic locations throughout to ensure there are enough wipes dispensers, hand sanitizing and tissues. Instruct students and users via signs showing how to use TCS’s simple system of pull, wipe, toss, clean hands hereby encouraging the habits of proper hygiene.

Pass out flyers, plan fun games for younger students, hang posters, hand out buttons, and develop programs about the habit of hygiene. The Cleaning Station acrylic sign holder is the perfect avenue to spread the word.

On college campuses and universities students live in close quarters which leads to an abundance of germs. While you’re in school your hands touch contaminated surfaces throughout the day, which will then transfer to your personal items such as your computer and cell phone. Be sure to clean those as well and remember to sanitize your hands. When using a communal bathroom be sure to wear flip-flops to prevent the transmission of fungus which can cause athlete’s foot and warts.

Cold and respiratory illnesses are contagious and get passed to you quickly by vapor droplets infecting everything they land on, which is why wiping a surface and sanitizing your hands together are your best defense.

Touching, desks, writing instruments, and all surfaces harbor germs. Whoever thought that taking a library book would be a risk of infection transmission? Where else might germs lurk on a college campus? Tables, food trays, faucets, escalator rails, ATM machines, touch pads, computers, magazines, books and gyms are only some of the areas.

Ideally in places such as daycare centers, employees should sanitize their hands every time they touch a child, toy, or a surface. Using hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day is protection for children as well as adults.