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The Cleaning Station self-service dry towel or wet wipes dispenser designed for quick, efficient cleaning of all surfaces united with hand sanitizer prevents the spread of germs and cross contamination. We deliver healthy solutions for you and everything you touch all-in-one location.







Keep your gym members from gaining more at the gym than what they’re striving toward. When members workout they are looking to gain muscle, flexibility, endurance, not illness.

Studies show when a club is clean and well-kept it attracts and maintains members; therefore, a strong bottom line is often a reflection on a facility’s cleaning, maintenance and equipment.

Don’t watch your membership numbers drop due to those unforeseen microbes lurking on cardio & strength equipment, mats, spinning bikes, group activity accessories, reception area, juice bars, kid’s center, meeting rooms and offices.

Ensure that your staff and members have the right tools necessary to properly clean equipment and the ability to sanitize their hands close by. The goal is to make certain that workout equipment and surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected throughout the business day. Even though the area looks clean those invisible microbes pose threats of staph infections, MRSA, ringworm, and more.

You will find that health clubs in general have always had dry towel dispensers on the wall, spray bottles on the floor and overflowing open trash receptacles. Fitness centers may also have plain gym wet wipe dispensers with trash receptacles. However, TCS combines your gym wipes dispenser, (choice of dry or wet towel), trash receptacle, and hand sanitizing for the correct way to keep germs at bay.

It’s important to place gym wipes dispensers at many areas throughout your fitness center. If members and guests have to seek cleaning products to wipe their equipment; they will not do so. Give your business the added advantage by having TCS’s positioned with everything you need all-in-one location. The Cleaning Station is customizable with your choice as a wet station or dry station. (Please refer to our Adaptability Chart). The unique interchangeable nozzle offers the ease of towel exchange and excellent pull reliability. The process is simple – pull a wipe, clean equipment and surfaces, toss the wipe and sanitize your hands.

If you’re looking to present a clean health club by offering your members, guests and staff, the best preventive measures for germ control – putting all-in-one sanitizing stations around your gym is still not enough. Educate users through training, show staff how to become role models, install proper signage, and distribute flyers throughout your gym in order to teach proper hygiene. Now promote it!