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The Cleaning Station is designed for quick, efficient cleaning of all surfaces, including hand sanitiser to prevent the spread of germs and cross-contamination.







Prevent your gym members gaining more at the gym than they bargained for.

Studies show when a club is clean and well-kept it attracts and maintains members; this is demonstrated in a facility’s cleaning, maintenance and equipment.

Ensure that your staff and members have the tools available to properly clean equipment and sanitise their hands. Your goal is to ensure that workout equipment and surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected throughout the business day. Even if the area looks clean, those invisible microbes pose threats of staph infections, MRSA and more.

The Wet Wipes Station combines a gym wipes dispenser, bin, and hand sanitising product for a multi-use way to keep germs at bay.

With the unique interchangeable nozzle in ou station, the process is simple – pull a wipe, clean equipment and surfaces, toss the wipe and sanitise your hands.

The Cleaning Station can:

  • Promote better hygiene in your fitness facility
  • Show your customers you care
  • Help you to comply with health and safety standards
  • Reduce the spread of sickness and disease


If you’re looking to present a clean health club by offering your members, guests and staff the best preventive measures for germ control, ensure to educate them through training. Show staff how to become role models, install proper signage and distribute flyers throughout your gym in order to teach proper hygiene.