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Ideal for Hospitals, Rehab, Senior Housing Recreation Rooms, Nursing Homes, Physical Therapy, Dental, Optometry, Chiropractic, Veterinary, Nursing Stations, Medical Practices.







Cleaning it’s not just about patient rooms and surfaces… it’s also about mobile medical equipment.

Think about medical facilities such as hospitals, dental offices, primary care offices, nursing homes, and veterinarian offices that should be cleaned and maintained 24/7… It’s impossible. You would need a tremendous staff to accomplish this goal. Therefore your routine should encompass organizing your cleaning schedule and planning a thorough checklist for infection, prevention and control where everyone can participate. Designed to protect patients, nurses, doctors, aides, supervisors, staff, therapists and visitors TCS is your ultimate solution for germ prevention and the responsibility of all.

Considering the chain of infection that spreads within healthcare areas, users touch many potentially contaminated surfaces, such as bedside tables, call buttons, bed rails, television remotes, and many more. Hands that just touched those surfaces are ready to touch other surfaces such as desktops, lunch trays, telephones, other hands, countertops, keyboards, medical equipment, etc.

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are routinely transferred directly from contaminated surfaces to patients according to studies from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC). Research also shows that simply wiping surfaces and certainly sanitizing your hands after every touch disrupts the cycle of contamination and infection. While visibly soiled surfaces get cleaned, those invisible germy spots don’t; therefore, making TCS an easily accessible necessity to combat those unforeseen microbes. With TCS readily available there is a 95% chance your team will get on board with best hygiene practices.

As a routine best practice utilize TCS for wiping surfaces you touch to include all medical and mobile equipment that travels from patients rooms on a continuous basis. We recommend placing multiple hygiene/infection control stations throughout your medical facility equipped with your choice of supplies. The unique interchange nozzle allows your preference of a dry or wet center pull towel. Add Mark 11 Disinfectant and sanitize your hands as the final protective step in your cleaning process.

A unique feature of The Cleaning Station is 4 storage shelves which are available for medical gloves, face masks, first aid supplies, tissue boxes, and more. Gloves are a necessity for personal protection and to stop the spread of germs. Other personal protection items such as masks or gowns can be readily accessible on the shelves of The Cleaning Station.

The Cleaning Station is the only infection control station on the market today that offers shelves adequately large enough to hold multiple medical supplies, wipe a surface/medical equipment, and clean hands all-in-one location.