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The Cleaning Station is ideal for coffee shops, cafés, breakfast buffets, lunchrooms, fast food, restaurants, hotels, inns, casinos, cruise ships and spas.







It’s a well-known fact that first impressions can make or break a business.

What do your patrons expect when they visit your establishment? As a manager/owner your objective is to please the most discerning guest. We all know that we want our customers to return, spread the word and give great reviews. People gather to enjoy themselves at your venues – the last thing they want is unclean areas and exposure to unforeseen germs.

No matter how clean your business facilities appear, invisible microbes can still be sneaking around and are spread quickly on touched surfaces. Situating our wide range of hygiene products including the Wipepod®, the Wet Wipes Station, and The Cleaning Station at your café, bistro, casino, and hotel encourages your staff and guests to take responsibility and keep their hands clean for better protection.

The Cleaning Station can:

  • Promote better hygiene in your premises
  • Show your customers you care
  • Help your business to comply with health and safety standards
  • Reduce the spread of sickness and disease


Run a casino?

There’s no way to get rid of germs completely, but how can you limit exposure in crowded environments such as a casino? Every time you touch a button, pull down a handle, play cards, or place chips on the table you may as well be shaking hands with 100 people.

Empower your patrons by displaying our wide range of wet wipes dispensers like Wipepod®, the Wet Wipes Station, and The Cleaning Station.