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The Cleaning Station is ideal for corporate offices, reception areas, small businesses, conference rooms, cafeterias, break rooms and fitness centres.







Sickness and disease can spread very quickly throughout an office.

Without the right measures in place, if one person gets sick, this could affect a lot more people through contamination. To combat this, encourage employees to promote and practice proper hygiene throughout their day by wiping away germs and using hand sanitiser.

Where are germs hiding at work? Keyboards, mouse, desktop, phones, shared break rooms, tables, microwaves, water fountains, elevator buttons; essentially all communal surfaces that people interact with throughout the day.

Utilise our wide range of wet wipes dispensers like Wipepod®, the Wet Wipes Station, and The Cleaning Station during the course of your work day and keep your staff healthy.

The Cleaning Station can:

  • Promote better hygiene in your office
  • Show your staff you care
  • Help your business to comply with health and safety standards
  • Reduce the spread of sickness and disease


The financial investment you have made in your facility doesn’t stop at furnishings, equipment and technology. Ensuring that you facilitate good hygiene amongst your staff requires an initial investment, but the payoff will likely be much greater due to the money saved in less sickness absence taken.