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Ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Game Rooms, Home Workout Centers, Home Office, Garages, Guest Houses, Kennels, Chicken Coops and Green Houses.







The Cleaning Station, created with a euro mod design and small footprint, fits sleekly and snugly into your kitchen, bathroom, in home gym, home office, game room, and garage.

Healthy habits start at home. Cleaning hands is the most effective way of disinfecting your home and preventing the spread of germs. For the best results, be sure to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects frequently with disinfectant wet wipes or disinfectant spray. It’s very important to clean your hands often, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing so you don’t spread germs to others.

Since invisible microbes live on surfaces soap and water is just not enough. Use EPA certified Mark 11 Disinfectant Spray in your kitchen and bathroom regularly. Add Clean Holdings economical size roll of dry towels to your Cleaning Station with the use of Mark 11 Disinfectant. Don’t forget the convenient hand sanitizer dispenser filled with Clean Holdings Gel Hand Sanitizer, leaving your skin hydrated with natural glycerin.

Your Cleaning Station can also accommodate an economy size roll of wet wipes, making cleanup quick and easy for all around every day upkeep.

Utilize The Cleaning Station in many areas of your home. The Cleaning Station is a great addition to your kitchen/pantry, home fitness room, home office, game room, and useful when having parties. Not only for the benefit of cleaning made simple; The Cleaning Station also encourages the practice of proper hygiene every day.

Place in your kitchen/pantry area for speedy cleanups – wiping kitchen counters, appliances, pantry spills, and pets all while eliminating searching for your cleaning supplies. Everything is housed in The Cleaning Station’s all-in-one location, with the added convenience of a hidden trash receptacle.

In your fitness room give your treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, weight benches, hand weights and yoga mats extra care making cleaning your exercise equipment an easy practice. Simply pull, wipe, toss, sanitize to maximize ultimate germ protection and protect the health of your investment.

Use The Cleaning Station in your home office as the perfect companion for workspace cleanups. Great for cleaning your keyboard, desk, phones, mouse, and more. Add casters to move your Cleaning Station from room to room; also add our custom sign holder so the kids have their list of chores too!

Place Clean Holdings wipes dispenser with shelves in your garage to organize microfiber towels, car washing supplies, tools for home projects, outside work, cleaning children’s toys, and pet crates – the seamless addition for when a sink is not nearby. Be sure to sanitize your hands regularly.

Ordering is easy and expedient. Choose your color, Stunning Silver or Striking Black, to blend beautifully with your home décor. Select your supplies to customize your cleaning preference with The Cleaning Station Dry Starter Kit or The Cleaning Station Wet Starter Kit.