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Healthy habits start at home. Cleaning your hands is the most effective way of disinfecting your home and preventing the spread of germs.







For the best results, be sure to clean and disinfect surfaces and objects frequently with antibacterial wet wipes or disinfectant spray.

Utilise our wide range of hygiene products including the Wipepod®, the Wet Wipes Station and The Cleaning Station across the different areas of your home. Our dispensers are a great addition to your home and useful when having parties or cleaning up after busy families.

The Cleaning Station can:

  • Promote better hygiene at home
  • Save time and storage space
  • Reduce the spread of sickness and disease


Place in your kitchen/pantry area for speedy clean-ups – wiping kitchen counters, appliances, pantry spills, and cleaning up after pets.

Personal gym

In your fitness room, give your treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical, weight benches, hand weights and yoga mats extra care. Our wipes make cleaning your exercise equipment simple.

Home office

In your home office, use our wipes as the perfect companion for workspace clean-ups. Great for cleaning your keyboard, desk, phones, mouse, and more.